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theSanctuary is happy to now offer dermaplaning!

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a precise, elegant and highly effective superficial exfoliation in which dead surface skin cells are manually scraped away. Dermaplaning can also be used as a hair removal technique to remove fine vellus hairs from the face.  Once you gently scrape away any dirt, oil and dead skin cells from the face, facial products and treatments are much more effective because this allows them to penetrate the skin with more ease. Once the procedure is complete, you will leave with radiant, healthy, glowing skin without any redness or irritation!

Is this for you?

Yes! Dermaplaning yields the highest results in skin toning, clarifying and re-texturizing and is ideally suited for all ages and skin types. This is a great for people who suffer from breakouts after traditional facial waxing and are looking for a less stimulating alternative. It is also ideal for those looking for an alternative to traditional deep exfoliating techniques such as chemical peels when pregnant or nursing. dermaplaning


DERMAPLANING, with mask | $75

DERMAPLANING, with chemical peel + mask | $100

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